Val, the “cook”

I’m Val. I’m a 20 year old Architecture Student living in New England, spending endless nights and days in the studio, working part time. I throw parties. I’m in college.

I’m also a wannabe cook, baker and aspiring food blogger. And until very recently, I had allowed those hobbies to take over my life and affect my well-being… drowning in piles of processed sugar, bleached flours and other things that are bad for you, I succeeded in creating confections that were pretty and delicious, but that got me, the asparagus looking gal, diagnosed with pre-diabetes. And that’s totally not okay.

Now that I’m embarking on these lifestyle changes, I don’t plan to make my old recipes healthy or sugar/fat/etc-free (that’d be boring and.. uhm.. why have the fake version when you can have the real deal?!)… Instead, I’m looking forward to experimenting and finding ways to create that same happy-in-your-tummy, smile-on-your-face, craving-for-more emotions in ways that are unexpected and that are hopefully also nutritious/good-for-me-and-you-and-everyone-else. I don’t think that healthy eating is about substituting unhealthy parts of your life with the healthy versions (this, I believe, often leads people to eat cardboard-like, not nutritious, mostly-preservatives foods), but rather to combine wholesome and natural ingredients in ways that happen to be healthy and still fairly uncomplicated. Ultimately, I’m still in college, I’m still kind of lazy and I still like to have fun.

Thank you for reading my rant, my blog and my recipes. I hope that this is a delicious and fun ride.

With love,


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